Photography and Videography

Aerial photograpy is now more accesable than ever, thanks to drones..

We can get perspectives a ground based photographer can't reach and reach areas manned aircraft arent premitted, while acheiving the same high quality result at a greatly reduced cost.


UAV inspections can save you thousands in fees and time.

Our quick to deploy platforms can be operational within an hour of being onsite and can complete work in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

Rapid deployment and 24hr emergency callout means we can respond quickly to damaged caused by unexpected eventualities.


Using unmannaed systems to undertake mapping projects is far more efficient than using ground based solutions. 

We are able to produce images of 2cm per pixel at our optimal flight height (higher resolutions or faster turnaround are also possible in different configurations)

Using this data, we can produce volumetrically accurate 3D renderings of the site essential to the infastructure, renewable energy, construction, mining and building industry.

Custom applications

Our extensive experience in the aviation industry gives us the ability to meet the requirements for your project.

Emergency services, disaster response, security, intelligence and search and rescue can all benefit from our services. 

Contact us today to discuss your requrements.

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